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Here’s How I Can Help You Sell Your Business Better

   Do you want your website to work harder?
   Do you want to turn browsers into buyers?
   Do you want your sales material to be more professional?   Do you want to keep customers on your site?

You do? Then you need RobTheWriter.

With 16 years’ experience as a copywriter – including 9 for the BBC – I can review your site, research your key competitors’ sites, and give you specific recommendations to refresh your website, making it look and sound more professional. In other words, I can make your website sell itself more.

I can also make your advertising more customer focused, more persuasive and more appealing. So there will be less clutter, less waffle and fewer errors – with the ultimate aim of selling more of your products or services.

Here’s how I’ve already helped other businesses sell themselves better, so you know you’ll be in good company:

Drayton Bird
– one of the world’s leading copywriters and marketers – gave me persmission to proof and correct his personal website. Here’s what Wikipedia says about him:
Advertising legend the late David Ogilvy said he “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”
Campaign magazine named him one of the 50 most important individuals in UK advertising during the previous 25 years.
UK magazine Direct Response said his impact on UK direct marketing was “unlikely to be matched by any other individual”.

By asking the right questions I discovered Madison Oakley estate agents’ USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for them: an incredible sales rate of over 95%. This was so high I suggested they mailed prospective buyers a Selling List which was an A4 page which showed clearly and succinctly as a checklist what services they would provide – in other words because what they offered was so good they could actively encourage house sellers to compare Madison Oakley to other estate agents. And their sales material was missing key information that was vital for their type of business.
“Going down a storm with the valuations I’ve been out to so far – took 3 on over the weekend! The checklist idea seems to work especially well”  Carey Gilliland, Partner

For Storm Consultancy – winners of Best New Business at the Bath Life Awards and the Chairman’s Business Award – I reviewed their site and suggested how they could position themselves better and promote themselves more.
“These are superb Rob! Thank you so much”  Dave Kelly, Co-founder of Storm

Sarah Bartley, owner of Smile in a Box, wanted help to tweak her copy. Being sensitive to what she’d already said and keeping to her tone of voice on her website I sharpened her copy. 
“Oooooh! Now I know why you’re “RobTheWriter”! Thank you soooo much, it’s chatty and friendly and just what is needed! I am so delighted that you haven’t used the cliché ‘Wow factor’ which is on just about every balloon decorating website!”

I discovered the Museum of Bath at Work’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition), again through a passing comment during a casual conversation. I’ve recommended they use this tagline in all future marketing: We have a million objects under one roof.

The Olive Oil Man (aka Michael North) – and as seen on BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, Dragons on Tour and Ready Steady Cook – asked me work on his website for his Balsamic Dressing Spray called B-Shot.

You’ve seen how others have benefited. Now it’s your turn. You’ll benefit by hiring me because:

  1. my recommendations will help make your advertising (website, direct mail, etc.) look more professional, which will help promote your business
  2. you’ll be in good company: you’ve already seen other businesses who have already profited from my services
  3. it saves you time – giving you more time to run your business (see below)
  4. your customers will be more confident in your product and services
  5. you’ll see examples of text tailored to what your customers want – so they’ll be more liable to buy from you
  6. of the knowledge that you won’t lose customers due to obvious mistakes, like missing calls to action and clear contact details
  7. you’ll be keeping ahead of your competition (because, as you know, they don’t stand still)
  8. you’ll avoid the mistakes that many sites make, which can turn away your customers
  9. you’ll have a copywriter with 9 years’ experience writing for the BBC  with over 16 years’ copywriting experience in total – and whose work has appeared in the national press including Radio Times, Daily Telegraph and the Guardian
  10. someone who knows the marketing tips, tricks and techniques can help market your business better
  11. you’ll receive simple, straightforward reasons explaining why I’ve made my recommendations – and why they’ll work (and why they’ve worked before)
  12. you’ll look more efficient and professional to your prospects, clients, buyers – and the rest of the world
  13. it’s convenient – we can chat face-to-face, over the phone, via email – whatever’s best for you
  14. you get a clear and simple price – with absolutely no hidden charges – so it’s easy for you to budget too. You don’t even have to include VAT. And as I don’t have expensive offices or staff costs to cover, these savings are passed on to you
  15. I’ll take my time to research your business and your sector – and my charge still stays the same, no matter how long this takes me
  16. PLUS! The Rob Job Guarantee
    As well as all the above, all work will also be covered by this guarantee: 
    1. We arrange a date  2. You’ll get your work on time – or it’s free! (And there’s no small print.)

Want to chat? Text me now on 07811 958404 if you’d like 30 minutes of my time absolutely FREE, without any obligation. 

Sell Your Business Better
If you want your site to be smarter and to sell itself more, and if you want to join with other businesses – and one of the world’s leading copywriters – who have already used my experience, then get in touch by:

  • calling or texting 07811 958404
  • emailing
  • or writing to RobTheWriter, 88 West Avenue, Bath BA2 3QB

Whichever way, contact me now to find out how I can help your business – before your competitors do…


PS There’s no hidden team of writers, as I do all the research and writing myself. Understandably, this means that my time is limited, so this is a first come, first served service.

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