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D&AD Student Awards.
Create a copy-based campaign to promote D&AD’s new edition of The Copy Book. Who could resist a brief like this? Not me…

Jewson’s 175th birthday.
Here are some new concepts and ideas, inspired by Big Communications’ print ads for the Cream Awards:


<– hard hat area


 cutting the cake –>



<– more cake thoughts


bricks and tape measure –>





And the originals, DiggerBuilder and Scaffold, by Big:


Economist ads: “Economissed”, “The Torygraph” and “page turn”.





Alternative Economist campaign, which focuses on its writing.


Alternative BT campaign. Strategy: get customers to talk, not text.


Some alternate strategies.
Stop Smoking                                 Domestos                                      Google

Local DIY store vs. large warehouse (2 executions)

Dreams store

Some originals ads, followed by my alternatives.

Before                                                  After


Before                                                          After


A cheeky spec ad, but not for Pickfords

Home page for Banglo bar

Audio Work 1: “Flight of the Conchords”, “Little Britain” and “Mitchell & Webb” inlay


Audio Work 2: Trade Mailers including a special BBC Mailer Prize Draw





Audio work 3 ads – “Madding Crowd”, “Empire” and Jack Rosenthal





Audio work 4 ads – “Poirot”, and “Darcy”

Orange spec ads – promoting their mobile internet service:





Guerilla marketing idea (advertising a barber’s shop):





Taglines – Rodda’s Clotted Cream and MacDermid Recruitment:





Email from BBC Shop (which used my text) and a Christmas print ad – because you never know when you need to write copy. This was originally written in late summer.


Recruitment ads for Sequal – “Rewarding” and “Trouble”:





And some original illustrations:


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