‘Hello, I want to tell you something important or interesting or useful or funny.’

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This is Luke Sullivan’s bestselling book on creating great ads. In it he suggests that advertisers should always use this approach: ‘Hello. I want to tell you something important or interesting or useful or funny.’ Well this O2 ad in this week’s Metro certainly ticks the information box [click to enlarge]. Instead of the usual ‘buy from us, aren’t we great’ message, O2 are giving BlackBerry users a daily tip – and it’s a tip described in the form of a benefit. In this case, find emails fast.

The ad is also well targeted. It seems obvious, but the name BlackBerry is at the top of the ad (it’s the fourth word in) so if you have a BlackBerry you would be likely to read on.

The ad is friendly and unassuming: there’s an ordinary-looking man with an ordinary-sounding name. But Brian’s not just there because he’s an expert, or ‘Guru’ (note the capital), he’s included because we’re drawn towards images of people and faces.

There’s a good chance that BlackBerry users would have found the tip useful and, if so, they would want more information. There’s a web link and a QR code if they want more examples, but it’s easy to get distracted.

So the next day when they open their (free) paper they might remember their handy tip from yesterday and then look out for the next day’s tip from 02. After all, they might learn something else that benefits them. Who wouldn’t want that?

And the conclusion? 02 end up with a consumer who actively seeks out their advert. Personally, I think the 02 writer is a bit of a guru too.

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