‘Every Dog’ and ‘Cat Size’ – How those ‘Apprentice’ TV ads could have looked

Well, as a Creative myself and having seen last week’s ‘Apprentice’ (June 1st), I’ve thought up some alternative ideas for the Every Dog and Cat Size TV adverts. I hope you like them.

Every Dog

Idea 1. Based on seeing how eagerly the golden retriever tucked into its food (and its bowl kept moving):

The plan is to create some intrigue at the beginning to hook the audience. We see all kinds of dog owners preparing their pets’ bowls ready for their dogs’ meals. One tough-looking man in his 30s is adding superglue to the bottom of the dog’s bowl. (Why’s he doing this? What’s going on here?)

In a completely different house and kitchen, two eccentric-looking female twins in their 40s are carrying (and struggling with) what looks like a very heavy dog bowl.

In another house with a toddler in a high chair, a parent puts down a protective sheet. Are they about to do some painting? No. Are they protecting the floor from the mess of their child? No. Lastly they put down their dog’s bowl and it turns out they are protecting the floor from their very hungry dog.

We see various other homes and locations where the bowls are being ‘readied’. Why? Because when their dogs come in they are so hungry that, unless their bowls are stuck down, the bowl (and some food) goes everywhere.

Note: each bowl is individual, as each dog is to its owner. For example, one is metal, another could be decorated prettily, and so on.

Idea 2. Based on seeing how quickly the retriever rushed in from the garden:

A mother calls out in her kitchen and says ‘It’s time!’ Her family looks in a state of panic in the kitchen – a dad and three kids. The parents rush out and grab a child with them. Another child runs out too – just in time. A young boy is too slow to leave the kitchen and so has to find a place to hide. In desperation he crouches behind a cupboard. Is this enough protection? No – he quickly rushes to the table and puts a colander on his head. It will have to do – time has run out – and he goes back to his hiding place.

What’s approaching? The family dog. The dog’s in a hurry because he is very, very hungry.

Idea 3. Based on how the terrier jumped up for its food:

Again, starting with a touch of mystery. Close up of different owners who are putting dog food into their pets’ bowls – but there’s something different in the background. You start to realise that the owners are higher than normal – perhaps standing on chairs – as they prepare their pets’ food.

A DIY man measures the height of his kitchen counter before he tips food into the bowl. One owner – who is a new buyer of Every Dog – puts the bowl too low to begin with. So every time the food goes in the dog jumps up and eats it. The owner, distracted, doesn’t realise what’s going on.

Of course, the other owners have wised up to the fact that the food’s so tasty it disappears too fast and so always make sure they prepare the food well out of their pets’ reach.

Cat Size

Idea 4. There are lots of shots of different types of cats/kittens sleeping, being lazy all day: cats yawning and stretching, etc. (All very cute and will appeal to all cat owners.)

Then, for one brief moment, the cats look like they all get up at the same time and look alert. It’s food time! For a minute they’re really active. Then after they’ve finished their food it’s back to snooze time for them all, and more footage of contented cats.

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