Hello. Can I help you?

   If you’re looking for a writer with ideas and concepts, go to My Work
   If you want to sell more products or services, don’t miss Your Business
   And if you want to have a nose at what clients have said, try Your Words

See how I’ve discovered USPs, worked with one of the most famous copywriters in the
world and helped award-winning businesses here. I’ve been a professional Copywriter for 16 years – 9 of those with the BBC – and here’s where some of my work has appeared:

I’ve written adverts, taglines, press releases, direct mail (emails and letters), advertorials, web copy, Twitter feeds, sales letters, biographies, job ads and brochure copy. And I’ve also written for many types of reader – including teens, science fiction fans and the more mature type.

And I can think visually too: I can draw and take the odd photo or two.

So how can I help you? Just give me a call if you’d like to chat.

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